Easy Probate Services in New York

Welcome to Easy Probate. We provide legal assistance for uncontested probate throughout all of New York, from Montauk to Buffalo. Whether your estate requires administration in Manhattan, Albany, Syracuse, White Plains, or anywhere else in the state, our goal is to help the executor with understandable and economical guidance.

While New York’s probate laws do not require an executor or administrator to hire an attorney, it is often difficult for the executor to understand and follow New York’s detailed probate statutes and rules.

The good news is that probate does not have to be expensive. Our firm charges a flat fee for the simple admission of the will to probate, which is often all that is needed. For more detail, click on Fees.

How can we handle probate statewide? Unlike legal assistance in personal injury, bankruptcy, criminal law and many other areas, probate does not normally require either the client or the attorney to actually go to court. Unless there is litigation or a dispute involving a hearing, New York Surrogate’s Courts can handle the paperwork through the mail, with an occasional phone call. Easy Probate aims especially to assist those executors who are located in a city or state different from that where the estate must be administered.

When you are ready to start the probate process, call us at 518-283-7496.

If you only need some advice we are available for a fee to answer questions. There is a minimum charge of $50.00 payable in advance, which may be applicable to future work. Credit cards accepted.

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