Easy Probate Services in New York

Our Fees

Easy Probate charges a flat fee for simple probate matters, which varies from $3,000 to $3,500 depending upon a number of factors, including whether real property is involved and the provisions of the Will. Our flat fee does not include the cost of the filing or other court or related fees but does include normal office costs associated with postage and phone use. Any special charges such as overnight delivery are not included, and if expedited service is needed for a real estate closing or other urgency, our fees may be higher, depending on the deadlines imposed.

Taxable estates which must file Form 706 do not qualify as simple estates primarily because of the work involved in preparing estate tax returns. While we can provide a detailed estimate, Easy Probate generally charges roughly the equivalent of an executor’s commission in such matters.


In addition to legal fees, the client must pay any out of pocket costs incurred, which are usually death certificates, filing fees, legal publication charges, recording fees, long distance charges (if applicable), excess postage or overnight deliveries.

Other Professional Fees

A professional appraiser’s services may be required if thereis real estate or a small business involved. The amount of these fees depend upon the professionals hired and the services rendered.

Depending when the individual passed away, an estate may owe income taxes and a CPA should be consulted.

Down payment and billing

A retainer or down payment is required, with the amount depending upon the specifics of the estate. We are committed to providing legal services at a cost that presents no surprise and that is within the expectations of our clients.